web presence

Everyone you and I know is on the web nowadays. You need a great web presence for yourself/your business with the right SEO setup. Let me take care of that for you!

web design

Let me help you design, build and grow an amazing website with a completely responsive design that will look amazing on any screen.

Front-end Development

I focus most of my time and work towards front-end web development. I would love to build a beautiful and functional website for you.


Web Developer



Administered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create websites 15% faster than the allotted time

Consulted clients on the best ways to increase web presence and web traffic with SEO practices and optimized keywords

Implemented responsive web design principles to present clean, functional websites for clients browsing on any screen sizes

Drafted proposals and built schedules for multiple projects and internal website maitenance

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featured projects

Shoes In Stock | E-Commerce Store

Shoes In Stock | E-Commerce Store

I began the project by creating a create-next-app, installing TailwindCSS, and then configuring custom settings for Tailwind in the config file. I built out some of the simple parts of the website first such as the navbar and a basic card element to test the connection to the Stripe backend. I used a handler function to pull in the Stripe API and display products and checkout IDs to match. I set up the different routes for checkout success/failure and made sure the products were displaying correctly. After that point where the main functionality of the store was working, I began styling the home page first, and the products, about, and contact pages afterward.

HTMLTailwindCSSNext JSStripe Backend
Free Gamer | Free PC and Web Games

Free Gamer | Free PC and Web Games

The Free Gamer App was built with Gatsby JS, GraphQL, and Freetogame API to supply the data. I built out the app originally with source graph ql to source the API information and develop the nodes to build queries from. I eventually built the sourceNodes myself for the application, so that it would have success through all of the build process. The user can scan through nearly 400 free games, in plenty of different genres, which can be explored on the app.

htmlcssjavascriptReact JSGatsby JSGraphQLStyled ComponentsFreetogame API
Meals 2 U | Food Delivery Application

Meals 2 U | Food Delivery Application

A food delivery app built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React JS, Styled-Components, and React Router DOM for page-routing. The mobile-responsive design was a priority and was implemented through media queries. The code was broken down into many individual components for reusability. I decided to style with Styled-Components to keep the CSS tied to the component within the same file for an organized code base.

htmlcssjavascriptreact jsreact-router-domstyled components
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